Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ateji PX Free Edition available

Here at Ateji, we aim at offering innovative programming languages and tools. Running such a business is like performing a delicate balancing act: developing a good product takes time, and when the product is finally out you need to implement the right business model. An important choice is pricing.

Offering free software helps building a community behind the product, but does not help financing the company. This is why innovative solutions are typically launched in two steps. We have now reached the first step, where an initial stream of corporate customers guarantees a recurrent revenue. Now that we've made sure that we can feed our families, we're ready to offer a free personal edition of the software.

I am proud to announce the availability of the Free Edition of Ateji PX, the easiest Java-based parallel programming tool on the market. The Free Edition handles up to 4 cores, which is typically the upper count found in personal computers. Use it for your existing applications and future developments, and enjoy multicore programming!

Corporate servers now commonly have 16 cores or more for computational intensive applications. Corporate users can try the core-unlimited evaluation version and purchase a license when the tests are promising. Don't leave your powerful servers idle! Depending on the application, 12x speedups on 16-core servers are not uncommon.